APPIANO GENTILE - Part five of Roberto Mancini's first news conference of the 2006/07 season:

Mihajlovic is your new assistant coach. What can he give to Inter?
"He is an expert and intelligent lad. He has been in our dressing room for two years as a player, he knows the players very well and he can be a big help. He has taken the place of Nando Orsi, who I wish the best of luck because he deserves it and he is just starting his career as a head coach."

Who will be your first-choice keeper? Toldo or Julio Cesar?
"Julio Cesar still has to join us for training, we will see later on. The most in-form player will play."

Will Pizarro become an absolute protagonist in the new Inter side after the departure of Juan Sebastian Veron?
"Definitely. After a year settling in I think Pizarro can be as important a player for Inter as Pirlo is for Milan and the Nazionale. They have similar qualities and he must become important for Inter."

Are you satisfied with Inter's transfer market so far? Does the team still need a few players?
"I think a few things are missing, but we need to be patient. With a few things still undecided, there could be many important players available who could be just what Inter need. I still think something is missing, but I am also very happy with the players who have arrived. We have been following all of them for a long time."

It has been reported that Luca Toni is top of your list. Is he really the strongest striker on the transfer market?
"I don't know if he's the strongest. But he is the top scorer in Europe, and he is a player who has extraordinary qualities, both when playing alone and with another striker. He is an extraordinary player and he could be just what we need. However, there are a number of good strikers on the transfer market."

Massimo Moratti said one of Toni, Trezeguet and Ibrahimovic will join Inter. Which one do you prefer?
"It is not easy to choose. Toni and Trezeguet are two strikers who score at least twenty goals a season. Ibrahimovic, on the other hand, scores a bit less but has extraordinary technical ability. I think that sooner or later he will also score a lot of goals. Perhaps not as many as Toni and Trezeguet, but he can still improve a lot. Could two of them arrive? This is a question for Moratti. But if two come, so much the better."

Do you need another midfielder after the departure of Veron?
"I think we will need one to complete the squad and compensate for Veron's departure. I don't know if he will have the same characteristics, which is why I say we will have to be able to play with several different formations, both in midfield and attack."

Will Dejan Stankovic play on the wing?
"Not only. But it is difficult to talk about these things now because there still aren't many of us here for training."

Were you surprised by Portuguese player Maniche at the World Cup?
"No, because I already knew him very well."

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