"Positive result paramount," says Inter boss

VALENCIA - Ahead of Tuesday's Champions League round of 16 second leg between Valencia v Inter, Inter coach Roberto Mancini answered questions from the press in his pre-match news conference:

Mancini: How are Adriano, Olivier Dacourt and Dejan Stankovic?
"Adriano won't be part of the 18 (player squad). Dacourt and Stankovic are okay."

You have played in Valencia many times. Do you feel at home?
"I don't know whether I feel at home. The important thing is to get a positive result."

Valencia coach Quique Sanchez Flores said in his press conference that he coaches a more tactical team than Inter. What do you think about this?
"I think every team is prepared tactically. After that it's the world-class players who are decisive. And both Inter and Valencia have these players."

Are you thinking of starting Maxwell tomorrow?
"I'm keeping my thoughts to myself. We just have to play our game. Considering the quality of the two teams on the pitch, it will be an open match."

What worries you most about Valencia?
"They have an extraordinary attack so we'll have to be very careful in defence. At the moment they are one of the strongest and difficult teams to face."

Are you worried about the possible criticism if you get knocked out?
"This is not a problem for us at the moment."

What did you think of Valencia's game against Celta Vigo on Saturday?
"I thought they could think a lot about tomorrow's game. And the goal changed the game."

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