In Rome for presentation of parliamentary Inter Club, Inter president talks about Chivu negotiations

ROME - On the sidelines of today's presentation of Inter Club Parlamento, named after Giacinto Facchetti, Inter president Massimo Moratti said that the transfer of Roma's Romanian defender Cristian Chivu is not such an urgent matter for the Nerazzurri.

"Is today the day for Chivu? They have been saying for two weeks that it's the day for Chivu, but I won't be meeting Rosella Sensi today," Moratti said. "Talks are still open and Inter are ready to make their best offer. If it goes well we will be happy; if not, we're fine as we are. But Roma have to want to sell him first. No one is going to snatch him away.

"There are various clubs interested in the player, the one who makes the best offer will bring him home. We can all want things, but there are always economic limits. I will speak to Dr Sensi on the phone, and then we will see, but there's still a month and a half of the transfer market to go, and the Chivu matter is not tremendously urgent for us."

Moratti also spoke about the declarations made by Hernan Crespo from the Copa America in Venezuela. "Crespo's declarations weren't interpreted well, but the Argentine may be right when he says there are too many of us in attack," he said. "However, our buying and selling hasn't finished yet. I have to safeguard the quality of the players who have achieved important victories, so for the moment I'm keeping what I already have. We will see in the future."

The Inter president underlined that "Tevez is no longer a target, we are fine as we are in attack", and that the discord with Adriano "is superable because the Brazilian player has enormous potential".

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