Inter's title-winning Under-19 side to commence pre-season preparations on Friday 20 July

MILAN - Inter Primavera's Italian champions commence their pre-season preparations on Friday 20 July. Supervised by the coaching staff composed of head coach Vincenzo Esposito (pictured), assistant coach Marco Monti, fitness coach Stefano Rapetti and goalkeeper coach Piero Bosaglia, the Nerazzurri's Under-19 players will train at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti in Appiano Gentile for three days before transferring to Brunico in the South Tyrol for a further week of training. The squad will then fly to Malaysia for the Champions Youth Cup (8-19 August).

The 2007/08 Primavera squad is currently composed of 27 players, ten of whom have been training with Roberto Mancini's first team in Brunico since last Saturday. Eight of Esposito's players were born in 1990, nine in 1989 and ten in 1988. There are 20 Italians and 7 foreigners (2 Slovenians, 1 Belgian, 1 Hungarian, 1 Swede, 1 Portuguese and 1 Montenegrin). Six of the foreign players have been at Inter for at least one season, with Montenegrin player Ivan Fatic the new arrival from ChievoVerona.

Of the 20 Italians, nine have come up through the youth ranks (Francesco Bolzoni, Paolo Branduani, Daniele Federici, Dennis Esposito, Andrea Mei, Fabio Perissinotto, Gabriele Puccio, Giorgio Schiavini and Paolo Tornaghi). Four players join the Primavera team from Inter's Allievi Nazionali side (Josè Manuel Barbosa Alvez "Coelho", Rene Krhin, Filippo Mancini and Giorgio Schiavini).

The following ten players are newcomers to Inter's academy: Francesco D'Angelo (joins Inter from Rende), Paolo Branduani (back from loan spell at Pro Sesto), Ivan Fatic (joins Inter from Chievo), Marco Filippini (joins Inter from Montichiari), Daniele Federici (back from loan spell at Pro Sesto), Alberto Gerbo (joins Inter from Giaveno), Aiman Napoli (joins Inter from Pro Sesto), Saverio Antonio Macrì (joins Inter from Atalanta), Salvatore Papa (joins Inter from Rende), Perissinotto (back from loan spell at Pro Sesto).

Inter Primavera 2007/08

Goalkeepers (3): Vid Belec (6-6-1990), Paolo Branduani (9-3-1989), Paolo Tornaghi* (21-6-1988)

Defenders (8): Francesco D'Angelo (29-3-1990), Dennis Esposito* (25-1-1988), Ivan Fatic* (21-8-1988), Daniele Federici (11-2-1988), Marco Filippini* (19-9-1988), Andrea Mei (18-5-1989), Fabio Perissinotto (5-4-1989), Giorgio Schiavini (29-10-1990)

Midfielders (9): Francesco Bolzoni* (7-5-1989), Attila Filkor* (12-7-1988), Alberto Gerbo (9-11-1989), Rene Krhin (21-5-1990), Ibrahim Maaroufi* (18-1-1989), Saverio Antonio Macrì (30-5-1988), Salvatore Papa (27-4-1990), Daniele Pedrelli* (16-5-1988), Gabriele Puccio (3-8-1989)

Strikers (7): Mario Barwuah Balotelli* (3-8-1990), Josè Manuel Barbosa Alvez 'Coelho' (4-2-1990), Gianluca Litteri (6-6-1988), Filippo Mancini (13-10-1990), Aiman Napoli (2-7-1989), Luca Siligardi (26-1-1988), Goran Slavkovski* (8-4-1989)

* already at work with Mancini's squad at Brunico training camp

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