Morning session for Nerazzurri not called up to Mancini's PSV v Inter squad

APPIANO GENTILE - Supervised by technical assistants Fausto Salsano and Dario Marcolin, the Nerazzurri not called up to Mancini's PSV v Inter squad trained today at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti.

Cesar and Walter Samuel went through a morning session with seven of Inter's Under-17 players: Pellegrino Albanese (midfielder, born in 1991), Simone Dell'Agnello (striker, 1992), Diego Falcinelli (striker, 1991), Simone Gervasio (goalkeeper, 1991), Ivan Reali (midfielder, 1991), Renato Ricci (midfielder, 1991) and Luca Stocchi (goalkeeper, 1991). The group of nine players performed warm-up and strengthening exercises and played three five-minute four-a-side matches.

Nicolas Burdisso (high-intensity aerobic session), Luis Figo (therapy, strengthening in gym, cycling, proprioceptivity), Dejan Stankovic (therapy, cycling), Francesco Toldo (therapy, jogging, strength-building on sand track) and Patrick Vieira (therapy, cycling, strengthening and isokinetics) trained separately with fitness coaches Claudio Gaudino and Antonio Bovenzi. Luis Jimenez remained in the treatment room for physical and massage therapy.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic had today off.

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