"Great to score in front of the Nerazzurri fans at the Meazza. We played with our hearts"

APPIANO GENTILE - Mario Balotelli spoke on Inter Channel last night after scoring his second Serie A goal in as many matches - his first in front of the home fans.

Here's what the seventeen-year-old sensation had to say:

How do you feel after your first goal in front of the Meazza faithful?
"I'm very, very pleased."

Do you agree that Seba Frey was Fiorentina's best player?
"They told me that Frey did very well to stay on his feet until the end. I thought that it was best to shoot straight on goal if I went through one on one."

Who gave you this advice?
"A friend of mine who is the goalkeeper at Brescia. He's called Viotti."

Balotelli did well, and the whole of Inter did well.
"Yes. We played with our hearts, and we did well. It was a difficult game, especially in the first half, but then Fiorentina slowed down a bit after the restart and we started to impose our game."

Two goals in consecutive Serie A matches for Inter at the age of seventeen. Not something that happens to everyone. But Balotelli needs to be careful of all the knocks he gets...
"Yes, but it's normal. On the pitch you give and you take. The booking was right because I committed a stupid foul. But it's true that I often take knocks and I'm also provoked a bit, but it's fine like this."

You're disqualified for the Tim Cup semi-final first leg against Lazio, and you'll play the next championship matches on a warning...
"I will try to avoid getting more yellow cards. I will try to make sure the next booking comes as late as possible."

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