Fulvio Pea's Primavera smash the Italian Champions in the first leg of the eight final in Tim Cup

MILAN - Inter U19's great victory at the Centro Sportivo Giacinto Facchetti. In The first leg of the eight final of Primavera Tim Cup offers a beautiful performance over the Italian Champions of Genoa.

Fulvio Pea's team cunducted the perfect match, with a very snub squad, and well organized on the field. It wasn't an easy match but the Nerazzurri pass the first test.

The goal, both in the second half, have been scored by Mame Thiam, on his first gol in the tournament, perfectly served by Samuele Longo and Simone Dell'Agnello that finds the easy tap-in on the goal line.

Saturday afternoon Inter Under-19's will be play the derby againt Milan.

Scorers: Thaim al 63', Dell'Agnello all'81'

Inter (4-3-3): 1 Di Gennaro; 2 Faraoni, 4 Benedetti, 5 Kysela, 3 Biraghi; 8 Carlsen, 6 Crisetig, 10 Jirasek (88' 16 Romanò); 7 Thiam, 9 Longo (65' 18 Dell'Agnello), 11 Alibec.
Subs not used: 12 Melgrati, 13 Galimberti, 14 Micheletti, 15 Pasa, 17 Bessa.
Coach: Pea.

Genoa (4-3-3): 1 Perin; 2 Carozzino, 4 Bettati, 5 Polenta, 3 Carlini; 7 Cane (68' 15 Guarco), 8 Piras, 6 Sturaro; 11 Musico (45' 17 Miracoli), 9 Zigoni (76' 18 Romero), 10 Candia.
Subs not used: 12 Longomarsini, 13 Caiazzo, 14 Varricchio, 16 Parodi.
Coach: Corradi.

Referee: Meschi di Lecco.
Banned: 52' Candia.
Sent off: 82' Candia.

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