"Thank God I am feeling well and I think I will be available to play on December 15"

ABU DHABI - "Thank God I am feeling well and I want to play." Were the words of Julio Cesar as he glowed with excitement at the thought of being able to play with his Inter in an event as important as the FIFA Club World Cup 2010. "We are all aware of the opportunity we have. It is a very important trophy in Brazil and in the whole of South-America, but even in Europe and, in this moment, for us especially. For me, it is really important: in all my career, I have never been away from the pitch for a long time. Now I am training with the goalkeeping coach and with the team too and I believe that I will be available for the game on December 15. I am optimistic, I will do my bit for the team and we hope return to Italy celebrating the win of this trophy."

To end, the Brazilian goalkeeper made a review of the year that is about to end and which has seen Inter reach the highest levels in Italy and in Europe: "In 2010 we can win five trophies, we are disappointed for the European Super-Cup, but winning this trophy would be fantastic."

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