"He has everything to be part of Inter's future. Benitez should take the credit for two important wins"

MILAN – (ANSA) Appointing Leonardo as coach “was not intended as a temporary solution, he has everything to be part of Inter’s future and is demonstrating this. We were convinced when appointing him and he is showing to be the right choice,” said Ernesto Paolillo, the Nerazzurri club official, when speaking on a radio broadcast; he then continued by referring back to Benitez: “Rafa should nevertheless take the credit for two very important victories, two trophies, and let’s not forget he was the Inter coach during a time plagued by injuries, he never had the entire squad available to him.” And speaking of the injuries, Paolillo then added: “It happens when the games come thick and fast, it has occurred in other teams also, we were affected in a short period of time and with a lot of players going down, now we are getting them back and we are enjoying the moment.” The Nerazzurri official then replied to some questions on the ‘Tessera del Tifoso’ (the supporters’ card), and defined the results achieved so far as “positive.” “We were amongst the first clubs to adhere to the scheme” he highlighted, “we believe in it as it makes for a better environment in the stadiums. We understand there are some difficulties but we mustn’t forget the problems there were in the beginning. The results have been positive.”

According to Ernesto Paolillo, the financial fair play UEFA president Michel Platini is eager to introduce will have a negative impact on Italian football. “There are some big financial differences between our clubs and the foreign ones” he said. “We don’t have our own stadiums, and the television rights work differently than in Spain and England, we don’t have the same levels of attendance because our facilities aren’t up to scratch, but the laws on the stadiums are different.” According to Paolillo, “Italian football will suffer from the introduction of these rules, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t right.” (ANSA).

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