What the keeper said exclusively on Inter Channel before Juve v Inter

APPIANO GENTILE - "I want to win everything all over again with Inter," was how Julio Cesar began his interview on Inter Channel in the A tu per tu programme which will go on air this afternoon. "The feeling you get when you win something with your team is amazing; it's really something special."

The Nerazzurri keeper who has just come back into the team after being sidelined for quite a while with injury problems, spoke about how difficult it is for a footballer to be out of action. "The hardest part is training. You don't train with the rest of the squad and training on your own is also pretty boring. Since I turned professional I had never spent such a long time out of the side through injury. And when it happens again things get really bad. After my initial injury against Genoa, I did all I had to and managed to recover, but then, in training, I injured myself again. So I had to start all over again. And then it happened again. I remember after the third time, I went for tests and when I came back I was really depressed. I was alone at home and I went around to Thiago Motta's place. When I got there, I said 'I've injured myself again, I'm really upset about it...' He was, too and he took me out for dinner to try and get my mind off things. He was a great help. I was a wreck. But what gave me strength was thinking about Walter Samuel. We get on very well together. I like him a lot and so do the rest of the team. I thought about him and how serious his injury was and how he dealt with it by arriving before everyone else for training at the Centro Sportivo, with a smile on his face. I realised that that was the right approach to take. I hope that Samuel recovers as soon as possible. As for me, I really wanted to get back to playing when I was injured. I even told president Moratti that I couldn't stick being out of the game for so long and missed playing terribly. Now I'm happy and I'm also pleased with how I've been playing since I came back into the team. As well as that, picking up so many points this month has been very important. Now all we need to do is keep it up, beginning with the Juve game, then the one against Fiorentina, and so forth. These two matches are extremely important to keep us in the running for the title. It has been a great time for us, what with saves and points we have picked up. This is the lift we have taken to move up the table: now I'm happy again."

Julio Cesar is convinced that Inter can come back and win the title. "We've always been there, at the top, for the last five years. We've won the title five times and it's been great. But I must admit that I find chasing the leaders as we are at the moment, very exciting. It's good, in a way. And I think that if we win this title, as I'm sure we will because of what we are doing and from what I can see, for my commitment and that of my team-mates, it will be even better."

The conversation turns to Juventus v Inter, which the Nerazzurri goalkeeper sees as "the match we have to win. We want those three points in order to send out another signal to the teams that are ahead of us in the league. It's obvious that this is a particular match, because it's the Derby of Italy. But I'm considering it like any other match, where the important thing is to come away with the three points."

He talked about the Juventus strikers and explained that "they are all important players and all champions. Matri is spurred on by wanting to show that Juve did the right thing buying him and he's already scored two goals against his former team; he's good as strikers go. Then they have Toni who really wants to do well. We all know Del Piero and we have to watch out for him. Then Iaquinta, who wants to do well, too. They have a good team."

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