"The new coach has the qualities, experience and common sense needed to revitalise the team"

MILAN"The right choice": with these words president Massimo Moratti commented on the arrival at Inter of new coach Claudio Ranieri, who he invited to his home before he met vice president Rinaldo Ghelfi at his offices to discuss his contract.

President, is Claudio Ranieri the right choice at this point in time?

"Yes, he is. I feel he has the necessary common sense attitude to revitalise the team, both as individuals and as a group. It a pity about Gasperini, who always had our support, in spite of what I read this morning in some of the papers that usually side against us. With Gasperini we did everything in our power to improve the situation and he knew that, but he was just unfortunate when he tried. Now I'm satisfied with this choice because I believe Ranieri has the right qualities to succeed."

Did you meet Ranieri this morning? What did you talk about?

"We talked about things that regard ourselves and that are needed for a good working relationship."

Did you think he was enthusiastic?


According to Moratti, did the team need a strong-willed, charismatic coach?

"Yes, but more than that, one with experience. That's what we need now."

The feeling seems to be that the team should be organised using some logic in order to play like they have over the past few years...

"Yes that's the feeling. But we have reached a point and now we need to start winning."

It looked like this championship was turning into a disaster, but then other teams began to drop points...

"Yes, but we have to start improving our position all the same."

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