Cordoba launches new initiative for Colombian children alongside Castellazzi, Poli and Milito

MILAN – The Nerazzurri population will surely offer their support through the Inter Club Coordination Centre, because Ivan Ramiro Cordoba is as credible as he is sincere and he's put as much heart into this project as he does his football. The Nerazzurri population will surely help the Colombia te quiere ver Foundation, as they have since the very first day back in 2004, when Inter's vice captain and his wife Maria decided to help their country with concrete projects. Children who find it hard to go to school because they have no guarantee of a meal, families that have problems socialising, areas where only volunteers not representing the government (viewed as the enemy) can enter with a hospital boat via the rivers.

This afternoon at the hotel Melia Milano Colombia te quiere ver launched a new project. An idea that was born a month and a half ago and one that was immediately taken up and backed by Astoria Vini. Christmas for Colombia - a Christmas thought for Colombian children. "My dad coordinates the activities in Colombia but the Foundation has a legal committee and a beating heart here in Italy. There aren't many of us and we're trying to direct all the help as best we can and reduce expenses to a minimum, so that we can give as much as possible to those who deserve it," explained Cordoba. "So I wish to thank everyone, starting with Inter, the club and my team-mates, who have always supported these initiatives of mine. Inter have always shown a level of sensitivity that you can't find anywhere else, and that's also true of the fans - the people who follow us with affection and generosity. You don't need a lot to help a child in Colombia, to make sure they get a meal at the school canteen."

Offering their support alongside the Nerazzurri vice-captain were Luca Castellazzi, Andrea Poli, Diego Milito, Francesco Toldo for Inter Campus and Fausto Sala for the Inter Club Coordination Centre. A thousand exclusive packages come with the yellow, blue and red of the Colombian flag, a bottle of red wine and a bottle of brut, an attractive gift box and Cordoba's autograph: minimum offer €20. They can be purchased directly from the non-profit organisation (italiaporcolombia@tin.it). Celebrate Christmas in the name of solidarity with Ivan Ramiro.

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