The player on Inter Channel's 'Prima Serata': "I want to thank the club for believing in me. I'm so proud!"

APPIANO GENTILE - The second in the Inter Channel Prima Serata series of 2012, which goes on air on Thursdays at 21:00 on Sky Sport Italia channel 232, opens with a particularly important announcement. It concerns Davide Faraoni who, after scoring his first goal in a competitive match for Inter on Saturday against Parma, is warming up for his second first-team derby in style (the first was this summer in Beijing) having signed a new contract. Both the club and the player, who arrived in Milan in summer 2010, were pleased to sign the agreement which will run until 30 June 2016.

"I'm pleased, very pleased; this is a great honour for me and I'm very proud. I was very happy when the club summoned me and showed how much my contribution was appreciated, which was very important for me," were the players words as he commented on the contract. "The money? I'll be honest about that," he added smiling. "I try not to think about it, but without doubt, for a family like ours, a situation like this would never have come about, had it not been for football... I want so much to do well, more so when I think of the sacrifices my family made to get me to this point: I want them to live well and have everything they need. When I'm in difficulty I think of them and that only by working hard and doing well can I help them live comfortably."

These were
Faraoni's opening comments in a long interview which will follow on Inter Channel at 21:00, but you can also read the whole article on inter.it.

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