"Forget about Novara, this time we must be careful not to let our opponents have even one counter-attack"

APPIANO GENTILE - Giampaolo Pazzini was Inter Channel's guest on the pre-match programme 'A tu per tu'.

On inter.it you can read the Nerazzurri striker's interview with Roberto Scarpini ahead of the game between Inter and Bologna.

Claudio Ranieri's adventure at Inter began with a game against Bologna, when you scored a goal that was not a typical Pazzini goal.

"That's right, it was a shot from outside the area. Cuchu gave me the ball, I controlled it and shot. That was the gaffer's first game. We'd had some bad results so we were determined to do well. A bit like the moment we're going through now and that's why it's important that we produce a top performance tomorrow."

With or without Pazzini's goals?

"Goals are important for any striker but there are times when it's even more important that the team wins and does well. Of course I'd be happier if the goals started coming a bit more regularly, more as I'm used to, but we hope that the team can get a good win to give us confidence going into Wednesday's Champions League match."

What does it feel like at the moment? When you see what they say about you in the papers and on TV does it make you want to get straight out on the pitch and show what you're really worth?

"A few years ago, when I was younger, it used to annoy me more when I read certain things. Not anymore. I've learnt to keep things in perspective: you only have to look at what they were saying about us two weeks ago, when they said we were in the hunt for the title, and compare it with what is being written now, that the whole team needs changing. We know it's part of the game, that's all there is to it. We'll just keep going."

Do you expect it to be a similar game to the one against Novara, with them defending deep and looking to get the ball forward on the counter?

"All the teams who play against us do that, we know it and we're prepared for it. The only teams who don't do that are big clubs; all the others defend with ten, eleven men behind the ball and attack on the break. Novara did it and they scored with their only chance and then it was hard. We'll definitely have to be careful not to give them space on the counter tomorrow."

And Marco Di Vaio will be playing for the opposition.

"A top striker, he's had a great career and scored lots of goals. It's great that even at his age he's still performing on a regular basis and banging them in. He deserves credit for that because it shows that he's always been professional throughout his career."

The numbers say that Giampaolo Pazzini has scored almost a goal every two matches. You've gone a few games without scoring now so maybe it's time to invert the trend.

"Yes and I'm sorry about that. I started off very well and this year I've brought my average down. But it often happens that when the team isn't playing well, individuals suffer, and in the same way when the individuals aren't performaing the team is affected. Hopefully we'll be able to keep doing well so that I can boost my average again."

Diego Milito's absence means the team will be relying even more on Pazzo up front.

"We'll see who plays but obviously playing with one up top or two is different, so the team will have to adapt. Hopefully we'll be able to take advantage of all our chances tomorrow."

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