"I'm here if needed, also because there's a break in the Primavera league. Then on to Gubbio to win"

APPIANO GENTILEA tu per tu on Inter Channel with Marko Livaja, on the eve of Inter v Cesena: Roberto Scarpini interviews the Nerazzurri Primavera player who, before arriving at Inter, played for Cesena, the team in which he made his Serie A debut last 16 October against Fiorentina. Livaja recounted: "I remember the moment very well. Giampaolo called me from the bench in the 85th minute and sent me onto the pitch. It was a great achievement for me, as unfortunately I had been at a halt for about two years because of contractual problems. Now I'm doing well here at Inter. I'm aware of having arrived in a great team and it would be lovely to debut in these colours against my former team-mates... There are great players at Inter of great experience, internationals, but also high-quality young players. Physically I feel ready, also for my physical characteristics. I'm not exactly small [smiling]. In the Primavera league, where players are usually smaller, I pick up yellow cards even when I don't do anything..."

Livaja was then asked if he's still in touch with any of the Cesena players: "Every now and then I hear from fellow Croatians Djokovic and Tibor Cica, with whom I still play in the Croatian U-20 national team. Now Cesena have been relegated and so they'll let some youngsters play. For us this Sunday's match is a very important one. Winning will be crucial in reaching third place."

Marko then spoke of winning the NextGen Series, of the objectives of the Primavera team and more: "It was important, the most prestigious victory in my career. Now with the Primavera team we're looking at becoming Italian champions because we have good players and an intelligent coach. But now, with the break in the Primavera season, I want to focus on the commitments of the first team. I'm here if I'm needed. Then with the Primavera team, however, we'll go to Gubbio to win 'our' Scudetto."

Finally, a statement on his possible debut with Inter's first team: "Do I believe in a debut before the end of the season? Well, I hope so. Let's see."

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