"They're a great team and it won't be easy. We'll need to be sharp and ruthless"

APPIANO GENTILE – The Nerazzurri fans had plenty of questions for Ezequiel Schelotto, and host Roberto Scarpini gave them their chance to be heard on 'Prima Serata'. Some fans even wanted to know if the Nerazzurri player feels a bit like 'the new Camoranesi': "I’m not a big fan of comparisons, but Camoranesi is certainly a player that won a lot in his career, so why not?" smiled Ezequiel.

The discussion then turned to his role on the pitch. Does Schelotto feel ready to play as a full-back? "I have to work on the defensive end of my game. So far I’ve always operated from the midfield going towards the attack, but I’d have no problems doing it if I were needed."

Then the programme took a look at Ezequiel’s career in Italy: "I spent two and a half fantastic years at Cesena, winning promotion twice: I started in C1 and made it to Serie A. I have a lot of friends there. Both the city and the team made a big impression on me. They’ll always have a place in my heart. Catania and 'El Cholo' Simeone? He was great, not only as a coach but also as a person. There were lots of Argentines there and I got on well. Then we achieved salvation two matches from the end, so I was glad. I spent a lovely year and a half in Bergamo, and it was there that I made it to the Azzurri’s first team. There were ups and downs, and I have nothing against the city and the fans, but because of some personal issues I needed a change of scenery."

Inter will travel to Catania on Sunday, and Schelotto stated: "I repeat: I was received well and I still have many friends there. The friendships remain, but now I’m an Inter player. That team has been together for three years, and the same players always line up together. It’s a team that has grown year after year. They have good individuals and strong team play. We’re looking at a game that won’t be easy, but with the right kind of sharpness and ruthlessness we can beat them. Their fans will encourage them a lot but we’ll go there to play as we know how."

At 21:00 you can read the final segment from the Schelotto interview, while at the same time the full version will air on Inter Channel

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