Nerazzurri wideman spoke to Inter Channel about his family, hobbies, nicknames... and made a promise

APPIANO GENTILE – Ezequiel Schelotto was asked about his boyhood idol during his appearance on Inter Channel's Prima Serata. "It's Javier Zanetti, it couldn't be anyone else. He's also my neighbour in Como. Zanetti is unique and he's always giving me advice. All my team-mates help me, but he and Cambiasso more than anyone. They encourage me."

Schelotto covered all sorts of topics during his chat with Roberto Scarpini, including his family heritage: "My great granddad was from Cogoleto. I haven't been there yet. There's a small plaque on the wall with my surname where he used to live. My family have been there and told me about it, I'd like to go myself one day."

What does Ezequiel get up to away from the pitch? "I like tango, but I can't dance it. I can dance reggaeton though, and I love Argentine cumbia. I go to the cinema quite a lot and I've got four dogs, all Cockers: Rolando, Reina, Fatiga and Rocky. I have some birds too, one of them is called Messi - he's a canary. And I've got some fish as well. In Argentina I have a house with a park and that's why I chose Como in Italy, so I could have a park here too. My dad loves gardening so he looks after it."

Schelotto then explained that he's called Eze by his family, although in football he's more commonly known as El Galgo. "Yeah, that's what they call me. Galgo was a nickname I picked up in the Banfield youth academy. I went for a trial when I was 13. I started running with the ball with this long stride, I had long hair and so I got nicknamed Galgo, which means greyhound. I spent five unforgettable years at Banfield."

Finally, Schelotto made a promise. What will he do if Inter win a trophy? "There's no way I'm touching my hair but I can shave off my goatee!" Eze has given his word.

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