It was 9 March 1908, the start of our history: celebrate it with us!

MILAN - Have a stroll around the Duomo, late at night perhaps. Then it'll be less noisy and therefore easier to imagine the scene on 9 March 1908 when the founding members of Inter wrote, "This wonderful night will give us the colours for our crest: black and blue against a backdrop of gold stars. It will be called Internazionale, because we are brothers of the world."

A fabulous, delightful story, and an adventure which 105 years on has produced 20 million fans all over the world. On the pitch, in the dugout and in the role of president, more than 1000 stars have contributed to the fantastic trophy haul the club now houses. 

A sense of adventure, the will to win - always in the right way - this is all part of the club's DNA, as well as a readiness to introduce top international players. To help them develop and create a name for them.

Back in 1908 we could only have dreamed for a history such as this. It would certainly have been something the club aspired to, a goal passed down over the course of 105 years. And that's how it will stay. Proud of Inter, as always.

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