Nerazzurri team manager, guest at 21:00: "This is what Pope Francis means to us South Americans"

APPIANO GENTILE - Ivan Ramiro Cordoba will be the special guest on Prima Serata, tonight at 21:00 on Inter Channel.

The Nerazzurri team manager relives former glories and triumphs, as well as talking about the future of the team who can always go to him for a helping hand. He also speaks about his pride and that of the South American people at the new pontiff, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pope Francis.

"When I think that he's a San Lorenzo fan (the Argentinian side Cordoba played for between 1998 and 2000), it really hits me. It means a lot for us to have a South American pope. In Colombia, or South America in general, people who are really struggling have nothing, nothing at all. In Italy, or Europe in general, people are going through an economic crisis but they still have that bit extra. That's not the case in Colombia and a South American pope gives these people the chance to hope for something more, and for their faith to grow, which is the most important thing, especially for a country where Catholicism is so important like ours. I think it's all great."

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