On Prima Serata: "I can't imagine a more beautiful farewell to football than my own"

APPIANO GENTILE - "I will always say that the greatest player I ever had for a team-mate was Ronaldo. I played with many, many great players but he will always stand out to me. And even when considering my opponents, I would continue to name him, since we faced each other at the international level. Was he better than Messi? They’re all different. I don’t think it’s possible to compare Maradona, Messi and Ronaldo because they’re all from different eras. However, I only faced Ronaldo a few times, but if I had to name an opponent that was always tough to face I’d say Shevchenko."

It was the response from Ivan Ramiro Cordoba to the question posed by Claudio, which kicked off "Prima Serata" on Inter Channel (airing at 21:00 on channel 232, Sky Sport Italia).

There were plenty of memories that came back to him when the screen displayed images from Inter’s victory against AC Milan last 6 May; the final match for the Nerazzurri’s current team manager. He was asked if he has plans for any further farewell games: "I’ve already had one. But better than the one in which I said goodbye to everyone? Another big celebration? Maybe we could have one, and with a barbeque. But I have such fantastic memories from that one that I wouldn’t want to change anything. They also asked me in Colombia for a match, but it’s difficult to imagine something better than my final one at the San Siro."

The discussion then turned to current events and the ups and downs that the Nerazzurri are going through: "There’s no need to use a stick with the players. We need something halfway between that and the carrot. Or rather, we simply need to make them aware of the responsibilities that come with taking to the pitch wearing Inter’s colours. In impossible challenges, like the one from yesterday evening against Tottenham, they manage to bring out their best and show an incredible desire to represent the colours and play well. Yesterday the team played more with their hearts than their legs, because if you don’t show your fighting spirit, even more so than the physical aspect, then you won’t change anything."

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