The sporting director on certain headlines in today’s papers: "Things were probably written before receiving confirmation. It’s not true"

APPIANO GENTILE – Speaking to Inter Channel, sporting director Piero Ausilio sent his greetings to all Inter fans and also spoke about the two Milan derbies scheduled this weekend, as well as, of course, the transfer market.

"It seemed I should send my best holiday wishes to all the fans and Inter Channel viewers. It’s truly a derby weekend coming up since the Primavera team also has one in the Coppa Italia. It’s important for the club since we’ve always paid so much attention to our Youth Academy. It’s normal that the main focus will be on Sunday’s match, but we don’t want to start off on the wrong foot this weekend, so we want wins straight away from the youth teams to give even more of a boost to the things that will follow.

"The derby is always a peculiar game? Yes, although they are two different things. However, the Primavera’s is a youth game. It’s a league – although in this case the Coppa Italia – aimed at bringing along young players. The derby for the first team is something much different and serious, played for points. But at the same time the team is on a path of growth. They added some youngsters this year and the expectations have to be the kind you would have for a new team, a team in a rebuilding phase. Something that has recently begun requires time, patience and hard work. From this standpoint we have these qualities. We have the gift of patience, desire and determination. And we’re all dedicated to our work. The coach, team and directors – everyone. From this point of view I’m sure Inter will end up where they should be, since you always have to wait until the very end before taking stock of things."

Very soon a period will begin in which there will be a lot of off-the-pitch football talk as well, since the transfer market reopens in January: "Well, when considering the way the experts and fans talk, the transfer period is always going on. There’s a period in which you can sign and register transfers, but there’s always talk about the rest of it. You always have to respond to these kinds of questions because in the end the way the game works is that you see something new every day, whether it’s true or not, and somehow you have to take these things into account.

"Today’s papers are saying everyone’s up for sale? It shows the trend has changed because they used to put one player on the front page each day. That always brought a smile because it was a sort of fun game aimed at getting people to buy more papers. I realise that, and so I also respect it from this point of view. But what we’re referring to now is a bit different. ‘Everyone is up for sale’ honestly seems like a big exaggeration to me, and something that was thrown down without having made any kind of verification or consideration. And most importantly, it doesn’t reflect the truth. There’s nothing up for sale. The majority of the club’s shares were sold, but that’s old news by now.

"Now we have a new president who is building a new working group. He’s trying to get to know everyone, the people who were already here as well as those who will be coming in, in order to create a more ambitious Inter. It takes time, which is what I said earlier about the team. And it’s even more the case that you need to give time to a club in transformation. You also have to let people know that it’s too easy to say ‘everyone is up for sale’, which seems to me to be going too far and doesn’t correspond to the truth. Then if there are other teams interested in our players we’re happy, because it means we’re back to having a certain kind of appeal on the market. That’s not a bad thing, but it certainly doesn’t mean that Inter will be losing their best players." 

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