Inter’s new coach introduced himself to fans through an exclusive Q&A session on the club’s Facebook profile

APPIANO GENTILE - Luciano Spalletti officially introduced himself to Inter fans with a live question and answer session through Facebook. From the Inter Channel studios, the new boss answered questions that had been sent in by fans since yesterday.

"I’m trying to equip myself so as to be closer to and have more contact with the fans. A social network profile? Not for the time being. But I will do eventually and I’ll need your help," he said.

The hashtag #InterIsComing has been chosen to accompany the announcement of the new boss, indicating that the team is on its way back.

“It’s important. Right away we need to create a sense of belonging, of recognising the shirt that we’re wearing, the weight it carries, and making an impact. It’s what we do on the pitch that attracts the most attention.”

Questions on the summer transfer window were also inevitable: "When you don’t get results, it’s easy to start thinking that nothing’s going well. Inter need to be higher in the table, which means something will need to change to make up that points gap which separates us from higher-ranking teams and from winning cups.

"Having love for your jersey and the will to honour it – that’s absolutely key. I want all of those working for the team to have that same feeling and approach that I have. Without a sense of belonging, we won’t get results.

"First and foremost, I need to get a full sense of what Inter are about. The players need to send a message to the fans, showing that they are close by, in every corner of the world. We need to be clear with them and respectful; we need to show our faith and belonging, from a footballing perspective.

"I want to bring Inter back closer to its former glories. Inter need to set the fans’ pulses racing and take to the field with a clear identity. It’s a challenge – I couldn’t have hoped for a better one."

When asked whether the Primavera side, the national youth champions, may supply new bodies for the senior team, the Inter boss was keen to congratulate them on their achievement.

"Huge congratulations to Stefano Vecchi for having won a league that is tough to win. Clearly my congratulations also go to the Primavera champions. We need to go and watch them, maybe we could even learn a thing or two ourselves!"

Inter’s training camp in Brunico will provide an early opportunity for the boss to meet the fans and hear their chants: "I’ve got a great staff set-up, with great professionals. No chants for Luciano Spalletti – I’m not the one scoring goals! If the fans get behind us, they’ll be doing us a great service. The sooner we’re all on the same page, the sooner we’ll start making an impact and writing our story. Which is a great story."

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