The importance of the project as shown by letters by two brothers from Mexico City

The green, white and red tricolour flies in Plaza de la Constitucion as we find ourselves in Mexico once more. This ‘itinerant’ trip has passed from the immense and seemingly endless capital, the state of Guanajuato and Silao as the journey continues to Queretaro, the oldest of our centres.

We’ve always been on the move so that all of the kids and coaches could be visited at their homes by plane, bus and the car that was made available by national co-ordinator Karla who was always by our side.

Therefore, around 350 children and 20 coaches and their helpers benefitted from the visit of us ‘Italianos’ so that we could experiment with new ideas and exercises. Above all, one of them was the ‘Mini Football Olympics’ made up of four different games: foot-golf, a shoot-out, foot-bowling and precision shots.

It was completely different from our traditional training but very well-appreciated from the kids and coaches at it marked the end of the season and the start of the well-deserved summer holidays.

Unfortunately, there were those who couldn’t make it for family reasons or illness but who still wanted to be there. That was the case for two brothers from Mexico City who wanted to thank us in their own way by sending two letters.

We decided to publish the letters to show the real value of the Inter Campus project. It’s also a way to thank Miguel and David along with all of the children, especially those who are leaving after receiving their certificates of merit. It’s also to thank all of the coaches and local partners who set an example at every training session as they teach the next generation.

"A  letter for Juri, Silvio and Christian,

Thanks for everything that you teach us when you come to see us with our Mexican coaches.

It’s all helped me to grow as a person with my values and how I put them in practice.

The project has helped lots of people and I want to thank you for this.

I’m fascinated by sport but I learnt from Inter Campus that winning isn’t everything.

Football is about fun, being with other people and being a team on and off the pitch.

You’ve show us to live day-by-day and I thank you with all of my heart."

“I wish you a good day and I just wanted to tell you that today and tomorrow I can’t be at training for family reasons as we’re too far away so we can’t come.”

I thank you for the care and attention you showed in this project as it helped me to achieve one of my dreams and play in a football team!

Unfortunately, I have a condition called Coarctation of the Aorta which means my heart doesn’t receive enough blood, but, with the Inter Campus I was able to take part and be there thanks to its ethical and moral values.

Thank you very much.”



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