Special offer available for season tickets holders signing up to Inter Club

For the 2017/18 season, season ticket holders can become Inter Club members while receiving a discount on their membership fee at any one of the official clubs. 

“I have always been a season ticket holder at the stadium,” said Mattia Percivalle. “Because for me matchday represents a moment which I experience with pure intensity. This passion accompanies me on a daily basis and to be an Inter Club member also allows me to share something with new and old friends alike. Through the club I have additional benefits and I’m always receiving new opportunities. I’ve also been able to pass on this excitement to my son Lorenzo, who is a member of the junior Inter Club. This year I took him to the stadium for the first ever time and he really enjoyed himself.”

If you are a season ticket holder and you want to take your Nerazzurri passion that one step further, then contact your nearest club and become a member. You will receive a special offer on your subscription and you will also immediately receive the new official member’s kit!

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