New coaches, institutional meetings and proposals of further integration were all at the heart of our latest visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Inter Campus delegation returns to Bosnia and Herzegovina where the project is going through an important period of growth and development both on and off the pitch. The Campus has three new coaches, with Radoš lining up with the veteran Ahmed in Sarajevo, while Dejan and Josip are at work in Domanovići. The new coaches have come up with a new system of training for Inter Campus which is key in helping the sporting and educational development of our boys and girls. 

In Sarajevo, the new pitch is on the border between the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia and this gives us the opportunity to work with a more diverse group of children in a way which is still unfortunately rare across the region.

During the meeting at the Apostolic Nunciature in Sarajevo where the Inter Campus delegation was received, the need to promote a message of fraternity and integration was discussed but also how to show this first hand while on the frontline, which is essentially the daily work of Inter Campus.

In Domanovići, the local coordinator, Zorica, welcomed us as always with great enthusiasm. During this period in which the children have just gone back to school, she is extremely busy in organising the children's groups for Inter Campus. During this visit we also met with some professors from the school in Domanovići. They are sadly renoknowed for uniting both muslim children and christian children under one roof but on two different floors, with them being taught by different members of staff. Their work includes an initiative which seeks to unite the two group during hours of physical education. This proposal is very difficult to put into action given the bureaucratic restrictions that exist across Herzegovina, however we believe strongly in this project and we want it to work.

The project in Bosnia and Herzegovina is of paramount important to the values linked to peace, unity and fraterniy, of which this Balkan region is in desperate need of.

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