The kids in Asuncion are visited by the Sport and Senavitat Ministers along with the Italian Ambassador

ASUNCION - While it’s true that football is one of the most popular and well-loved sports in the world, it’s also true that many children in the world aren’t able to play it. The Inter Campus Paraguay project together with former player Julio González Ferreira allows 300 boys and girls from the most disadvantaged parts of Asunción to train for free while it also encourages them to attend school.

During the visit to Inter Campus in Paraguay, we catch up with Gloria who is a mother of six who lives in Cateura and her children benefit from the project. "It stops them from wandering around the streets, they go to school and then they come here to train." 

School attendance is a criteria for participation as we explained to Minister for Sport Victor Pecci and Soledad Nuñez who is Minister for the Senavitat which assigns social housing to those in need after they came to Cateura to learn more. We discussed our nine years of activity in Paraguay and also their support in providing recreation space for children.

Italian Ambassador Gabriele Annis also visited the pitch in Cateura where he greeted the kids and parents present. "The Italian embassy to Paraguay is happy and proud to collaborate with Inter Campus and Julio González Ferreira for this project which propels children from vulnerable positions using sport," he said. 

It was a week heavy on institutional meetings for Inter Campus Paraguay but also one with a lot of technical and education help for local coaches and the children had a lot of chances to play. From the area of the Cateura to the Zeballos Cuè where activity mostly focuses on orphans and abandoned children. 


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