The Inter Coach ahead of the Torino match: "It's a game which could put us in difficulty, we have to fight until the end"

APPIANO GENTILE – It was the final day for the Nerazzurri ahead of the lunchtime kick-off against Torino at San Siro at 12:30 CET tomorrow. Luciano Spalletti was in for his press conference and he began by discussing the post on his Instagram profile on Anne Frank. “The desire was to do it in a way different to what usually happens when people stop talking about things after a week. A club which chooses to communicate through hate cannot survive. It gives you time to see everyone else's position. Perhaps something else will be written in a few days.”

His focus then turned on to the opposition. “I know Mihajlovic well, he’s shown his qualities as a player and a coach. He knows this environment well, he’s already been here. Perhaps character can be something that links us. Torino have recovered their starters and they’re coming in from a positive result, they’re all to be wary of but we have to win and struggle until the end.”

The San Siro will be almost completely full for tomorrow’s match. “It makes us happy that our fans are there and feel close to us. It makes us feel comfortable and it motivates the team. It’s another sign of their faith in us. When we’ve been in difficulty, I’ve always seen the team react as a united group. If there isn’t good positioning or quick reactions, it will be a tough match. This is a game which could put us in serious difficulty, we’ll make use of the support and the people who wanted to be at San Siro with us.”

“We need to stay in the top four, there aren’t many qualification places available considering the quality of the teams currently competing in our league,” added Spalletti before discussing Eder’s renewal. “It makes me happy that he’s renewed. It’s like an extension for three players. He can play in three roles perfectly, he has a perfect sense of adaptability. He knows how to do all that is asked of him.”

Discussion then moved on to tomorrow’s team and individuals. “Everyone has currently developed in training as they had to. I have an embarrassment of riches available. Brozovic, Joao Mario and Eder are fully available. Cancelo has stopped feeling pain when he kicks the ball. Dalbert is starting to show his quality, he’s starting to absorb the style and way of working. We could do something different because I’m sure that the team wouldn’t lose any quality. Gagliardini is improving minute by minute; from here on he’ll be a great player and show what he can do. We’re very happy with Vecino, he’s getting even better.”

On his report with Piero Ausilio: “I can feel the affection from the directors, I also feel very close to them. They help me in every aspect. Ausilio was the one I knew most before everyone else. He’s always been the same since I first knew him. We have almost daily contact and it’s an enormous pleasure. Everything we need to achieve our goal is there.”

Credit for the results so far go to the group. “The Inter side of Mourinho and Moratti was a beautiful sculpture. At the moment we only have the hammer and chisel in our hands, we still have a lot to do. They’re united to us by our fantastic fans, the special 73,000. There’s an excellent club in place here as I wanted when I came to work here. It’s not thanks to me but mostly the players, I’m just tagging along. We’re improving in defence, we’re more compact and better in our distribution and how we take to the pitch. Every team creates dangerous goalscoring chances so we have to be good at dealing with this but we’re improving as a defensive line.”

Finally, there was talk of international football ahead of the coming break. “Our doctors speak with those at the national teams about who’s going to play, we’re looking to arrange flights so they can come back half a day sooner, training is being organised for when they’re back. We’re taking care of the details.”


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