Events and meetings in Cali with the Inter Club children, families and coaches

Days go by quickly in Colombia, in Cali Inter Campus development courses take place together with 13 local co-ordinators. Training, demonstrations, discussions and integration all flow into one another. Theory was taught in the classroom during the morning as guests at the main headquarters of Deportivo Cali before practical work in the afternoon at the various centres units around the city. Welcome signs prepared by the children during the school day are in place to welcome the ‘Italo-Colombians’ as we’re known in these parts.

On the final day, we’re invited to lunch by Mrs Marta. Her son had been a member of Inter Campus for some time and he fell victim to a grenade not far from home at the age of eleven. We stay longer to listen to stories about Yenerson and his area of Villarica which is often the scene of conflict between rival gangs. Before moving on, we leave Marta with an Inter Campus shirt as a small gesture so she can feel even more a part of the Nerazzurri family.  She doesn’t hold back with her smiles and we go back to the pitch spurred on with more energy, determination and a sense of responsibility than before.

Before leaving again, we also met with Inter Club Colombia who are big Nerazzurri fans and friends of Inter Campus. Even in faraway lands, we feel like brothers of the world.

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