The captain on the first broadcast of the Nerazzurri's TV show: "Juventus are my favourite team to score against"

APPIANO GENTILE – This afternoon, the first edition of Drive Inter went out on Inter TV. Mauro Icardi was the guest as he drove home in his Volvo.

The captain started the journey saying “The Volvo car is very comfortable, above all for families. I like to drive, I’m used to driving fast cars.” Mauro then talked about his latest tattoo dedicated to his daughter Isabella. “I’ve only just finished the tattoo, I’ve already got Francesca and to mark her first birthday I chose to get a tattoo of her as well.”

Icardi continued to give personal anecdotes. “I got the blonde hair because I had to record an interview with Susana Gimenez who is very famous in Argentina. She and Wanda are both blonde and I did it for that occasion. My hat collection? I have a lot of them, it’s a passion I’ve had since I was small. Now, I choose the ones I like and I can wear a lot of them. I know fantasy football, I know that a lot of people say they spend a lot to get me. Who would I buy? Hmm, Immobile he’s scoring a lot of goals this year! My favourite genre of music? I don’t have one in particular, I listen to a lot of Argentine rock, reggaeton, cumbia and Argentine folklore, even if hardly anybody likes it I inherited this passion from my father.”  

“I thank Italy for all that it has given me but I feel Argentine,” Icardi went on. “To play with the Argentina shirt is something special, there are lots of great players there. To return to the National Team is wonderful and emotional. It was my dream. I these four years I’ve done a lot for Inter to earn my place with La Seleccion.”

The Inter number nine then described who he likes to score most against in Italy. “The team I like most to score against? Juventus, it’s the Italian ‘Clasico’, to score against a rival is always nice. The hat-trick in the #DerbyMilano. It was unique feeling for all Interisti, to win the derby like that. I also had the sense of regret about the penalty missed against Milan. I really felt the affection from the fans, especially from the youngest wins.”  

How did Mauro Icardi do at school? “I was doing well, my mum was firm about this. I had to do well otherwise I couldn’t go to football. On Fridays, she wouldn’t let me go and play with my friends, I had to do well at school.”


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