Football and education were the themes as FC Internazionale Milano, Suning Sports and CSI ran a project for those affected by last year's earthquake


TOLENTINO - After the debut in spring during pre-season preparation, autumn is still the right season for the ‘Un Gol per Ripartire’ campaign which gives a hand to the people affected by the earthquake in central Italy. 

FC Internazionale Milano, Suning Sports and CSI are showing their solidarity and support for those who have a great desire to return to normality. Sport also pays a key role in helping the social rebirth of the area. There have been months of initiatives in recent times such as the passing of the Nerazzurri’s Ludobus which brings sport and events to places where it’s not possible to carry out normal sporting activity. Inter Camp was also organised in the summer for children between 6 and 14 years of age, another ‘Gol per Ripartire’ was set up by FC Internazionale Milano, Suning Sports and CSI. The efforts of the three in promoting the campaign led to a successful day of training split in three with around 250 children involved along with around 50 coaches.  

The first half was dedicated to the children, teachers from local schools and coaches from Tolentino’s sports clubs who met at the ‘Santo Spirito’ multimedia room. For students in the second year of secondary school at the ‘Lucatelli’ and ‘Don Bosco’ schools a lesson was planned on education and football. There was more football in the afternoon at the F.Ciommei facility with an intense session for the guys from Tolentino clubs (Oratori Riuniti, Cantine Riunite and Us Tolentino) as their Under-12 and Under-14 were involved. The third stage was more tactical in the evening at the Biblioteca Filelfica for the directors and coaches of the local teams. The National Presidency of CSI, CSI Macerata and Inter were on the frontline with the Director for the Social Area Alberto Bassani of FC Internazionale Milano and the teachers Matteo Traina from the youth system and Juri Monzani from Inter Campus. 

A ‘Gol per Ripartire’ isn’t finished here. In Tolentino, a multi-sport facility is being built. Events are already booked in the Nerazzurri’s schedule for 2018 with meetings set for 19th February in San Severino Marche, 19th March in Sarnano and 20th April in Tolentino once more. 

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