Around 300 children from 38 teams took part in 96 matches at Under-6, Under-8 and Under-10 levels

BEIJING - The first edition of the Yihai Inter Academy Cup between 18th and 19th November was a great success as it was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the prestigious Yihai school in Beijing. Around 300 took part in the event under supervision from the two Nerazzurri coaches Raffaele Quaranta and Giuseppe Fonseca and local coaches who had been working for months in close contact with Inter Academy staff. 38 teams took part in 96 matches which involved players from the Under-6, Under-8 and Under-10 categories. 

For the first time, the young players of Beijing had the chance to take one another on in a large tournament to put into practice the principles of team play. Together with the coaches, the President of the Yihai Education Group Linda Wong also attended. She’s a respected entrepreneur and UNESCO counsellor and she interacted with parents and players before presenting the winners with their prizes. After the event, the two Inter Academy coaches spoke with pride about what had gone on. "This was an excellent start for the Inter Academy Yihai Beijing project. The aim for the coming months is to keep accompanying our young sportspeople during their development process. In the future, more events like this one will be organised to allow the kids to experience a true and proper football competition, playing one of the world’s most loved sports and enjoying themselves regardless of the result."

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