The Nerazzurri passion is always getting stronger around the world. Discover how to open an official club in your city

KUALA LUMPUR – Even tens of thousands of kilometres from Milan, the love for the Nerazzurri can be represented officially by an official club. In the past days, Inter Club Malaysia was founded in the capital of Malayisa. 

This year’s Inter Summer Tour was the occasion for the future founders of the club and the Inter Club Coordination Centre to meet. With great enthusiasm, they were able to come together to found the country’s first official club. “Thanks to social media, we were able to get in contact with the various Inter fans in the country and we’ve become an official club this year,” President of the new club Akmal Rahim. “Now we find ourselves all together to support Inter, it was a dream and now it’s finally come true.”

Discover how to set up an Inter Club with your friends to officially represent the colours in your country! 


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