The Nerazzurri Coach ahead of Inter vs. ChievoVerona: "We're a well-equipped team who can always pick 11 starters, there are no excuses in this shirt"

APPIANO GENTILE - It was the usual press conference ahead of matchday for Luciano Spalletti at the press room at Inter Media House at the Suning Centre. "It’s not just the match before Juventus vs. Inter, tomorrow is Inter vs. Chievo and we can only think about that," he said about tomorrow’s match. "We’ve seen that all of the games are important, we have to do well in every match because they’re all worth three very important points."

"Chievo know how to get what they deserve from a match, we’ll have to do well to get out wide but then clog up the middle. I’ll also have to find a solution to their counterattacks."

"Vecino is fit and he can play. However, we’re a well-equipped team and we can always pick eleven starters, there are zero excuses for those who wear this shirt. We’re a strong team and we’ve shown that from the start. The boys are now putting what I expected to see on paper into action, I believe deep down that we won’t fall behind on this road that we’ve built for ourselves. Even if it’s impossible to win every game or nearly every game, we want to train for the impossible."

"You have to see plays with the head first and then your eyes, we need to make the most of the situations that we’re able to create but I saw a lot of desire in the week from the boys. They trained well, like true professionals. Handanovic? He wants to achieve the best here, the club renewed his contract as it’s done for others in the past and it was the right thing to do."

"We want to continue with a good run of results and transmit a sense of affection to the fans for this shirt this history. We want to be one of the two or three teams who are up there all through the season."

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