This is what the coach had to say prior to Inter vs. Lazio: "Tomorrow there will be 60,000 fans at San Siro. I'm totally in love with Inter."

APPIANO GENTILE - With just one day remaining until Inter’s final match of the season against Lazio, Luciano Spalletti’s pre-match press conference took place today. The tactician began by saying: “The team has done exceptional things and because of this we can find a solution by ourselves. It's in such a moment that you're able to see your individual qualities. We need to have in mind who we are and where we've come from.”

“We've done good work on this journey and the figures support what we're saying. The players have shown that they know how to win matches. We need to set obvious examples. We need to succumb to what we are: A strong team. In the matches we lost, I didn't see a team that was in a mess. I know that it's happened before in the past but I know about the present. It's clear that things have to be worked on in the right manner. Nobody has given us anything. If we're in this position, it's down to what we've done. The foundations are there to be taken seriously."

The stadium will no doubt will be full once again to support the squad on Saturday: “Again tomorrow there will be 60,000 fans at San Siro. When we were winning I felt increasingly like an Interista. Now, after seeing this response following a defeat, I'm totally in love with Inter.”

On possible selections on the pitch: "At this moment, I’d go back and strengthen our sense of conviction. The decisions will be very similar to those made so far. I’ve seen a partial response because we haven’t put in great performances or got great results. I’ll stick to my original idea. I’m with the players that I have and I like the players that I train. They have the quality to reach the objective with work organised in the right way. You need a small objective each day. Your can hardly bring home big objectives if you’re not meeting your daily goals. These are the things which bring results as a team and through collective work."

"There are moments of difficulty in football, it becomes vital that you let me see whether it’s a coincidence or something else. I can see all the players are demoralised by what’s happened. At this moment, you need to be with them and show them who they really are. They’re strong players at a strong team on merit. Nothing has happened by chance, it was all set out. Those who wear these colours need to know how to react and not shy away from things."

There were some questions about individuals: "Gagliardini is a strong player, he’s had some very good games. At some points he’s not played at his potential but that’s nothing strange, everything is fine with him. We think that Cancelo is better defensively, he’s shown what he can do in attack. Better control of his positioning will also make it easier for the others to understand his game. I think he’ll keep improving, he really could be more attacking. He’s an important asset."

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