Meetings, training and a lot of fun made up the visit to Cambodia last December

The coaches Samrach, Mlup and Vituc followed our refresher course, listening and cooperating on and off the pitch. The goal: To help them grow and develop professionally and have them work in an independent way with five groups of boys and girls from the school in Rong Village which was built by our partner Missione Possibile. 

The technical approach and the four stages of training were the key focuses of the trip. As ever, the aim was to involve as many children as possible with various games to prevent long delays and to stop them from getting distracted. It’s tough with the humidity constantly having an impact on intensity during drills. In this country where football was practically unknown until a few years ago, it’s a cause of great satisfaction to see our coaches leading entire sessions independently and without any major difficulties. The local coaches are developing well, showing all of their desire to prefect their craft and get involved. As with all of our projects, it will be important to remain in constant contact with them to support them with advice and focused training.

Our group of 175 children live in the moment with great enthusiasm. To seem them play barefoot with a smile on their faces or in games without an excessive sense of competition helps us to understand how you should sometimes look to the pitches of Rong for an example about growth and individual development. 

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