San Siro season ticket holders can benefit from promotions when signing up to an Inter Club for the 2017-18 season

MILAN – “In England in the 1990s, Serie A matches were shown on television every weekend, I remember the majesty of San Siro and I was fascinated by the Nerazzurri colours the first time that I saw them. This infatuation turned into love thanks to great players such as Ronaldo, Zamorano and Zanetti. In 2000, I bought my first Inter shirt and I’ve worn it all over with pride.” 

Inter Club London member and San Siro season ticket holder Mark Turner explains how his love for the Nerazzurri was born. “I was lucky enough to not live too far away from Milan and I therefore got a season ticket so that I could come to the stadium and support the team. At the same time, I’m signed up to Inter Club London where we meet up to watch matches on TV and share our passion.” 

“I’ve experienced a lot and I’m still experiencing great emotion at San Siro. My first match at the stadium was Inter vs. Siena in 2004, my father made my dream of going to the Meazza come true and that was an unforgettable day for us. Even today, I look back to that day and remember my father with love every time that I enter the stadium.” 

Mark continues: “Zanetti is my favourite player. His time at Inter was made up of a lot from great pieces of play to victories and the tears at his final match and then there’s his never-ending love for the Nerazzurri. It’s the passion for Inter which unites lots of fans around the world like a big family, it means having the Dna Nerazzurro. To come to Milan and support the team is one of my favourite ways of showing this.” 

In the 2017-18 season, season tickets can become Inter Club members with a discount by getting in contact with one of the many clubs. See where the nearest club to you is and receive the new official member kit! 

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