An event will take place at the UN’s headquarters in New York, focusing on the role of sport in economic and social development.

NEW YORK - Following trips back in 2012, 2014 and 2016, a Nerazzurri delegation will now visit the United Nations headquarters once again. Coincidentally, this will also be the fourth in history that a professional football club has been hosted by the UN.

The United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs invited Inter Campus to take part in an event entitled “Sport as a catalyst for building prosperous and resilient societies”, organised in line with the 56th Commission for Social Development. Since 1997, the Nerazzurri organisation has been in partnership with NGOs and businesses, using football as a means of development and giving children in difficult circumstances the right to play sport in 29 countries across the globe. 

There will be a number of top UN officials present at the conference, including Daniele Bas, Director of the Division for Social Policy and Development in the Department of Economics and Socials Affairs and Jeffrey Brez, Head of the Department for Public Information. The Permanent UN Representatives of Italy, Monaco and South Korea were also introduced, including Sebastiano Cardi, Isabelle Picco and Chul-Joon Park.

In reference to Inter Campus, Ambassador Cardi said: “With its values and rules, sport can be an important tool in the processes of reconciliation, social inclusion and development, particularly with countries that are fragile both on a social and economic level […] The Italian examples of Inter Campus and Ferrero demonstrate that the partnership between sport and business can offer young people a chance to build a better future. With today’s event, it follows the United Nations’ commitment to promote our objective of Sustainable Development, paying special attention to the protection of human rights and the fight against poverty.

The panel discussion’s aim was to explore the critical role of partnerships on a public and private sector level, making clear reference to the world of sport. In addition to Inter Campus’ Stefano Capellini, a number of representatives from large companies also took part, including Aldo Cristiano from Ferrero, Hugh Dugan, founder of Truce Foundation, and Taylor McCarty, founder of Field in a Box. Also present were B. J. Schecter from Seton Hall University and Irakli Kodeli from UNESCO.

All taking part were united in highlighting the role of sporting strategies in worldwide development. 

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