Within the 2030 agenda put forward by the United Nations, they stressed the importance of combining sport and the social sphere

NEW YORK - ‘Sport as a catalyst for building prosperous and resilient societies’. This was the title of the UN conference that Inter Campus recently attended on Tuesday 30th January. For the Nerazzurri project, who are already involved in the active debate of education, human rights and corporate responsibility, being present at the 56th Commission for Social Development was an unusual turnout. With their main objectives focused on economic and social strategies on a global level, it is therefore considered that sport can become a tool for sustainable development. This was demonstrated by our presence at such an event and also by the words from some top UN figures, all of whom popped by the Inter Campus table.

One thing is certain, to reach these ambitious objectives, then one cannot act alone. Inter Campus knows this, who’ve been in operation for years across 29 different countries, working through social networks made up of Local, Institutional and Proud Partners. However, the United Nations also know this, who’ve included the creation of a partnership among the 17 key themes for Sustainable Development set out in their 2030 Agenda.

The conference wanted to underline the importance of public-private relations in the sporting and social sphere, with the aim of facilitating the construction of such relationships and by analysing the most successful cases through the words of many experts.

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