Meetings with kids, institutions and Mexican families with the social network for sport and education

Inter Campus works in Mexico for 400 children with 15 local coaches/teachers, using the game of football to contribute to developing the citizens of tomorrow with the values of team spirit, honest, tolerance, respect and gender quality. Parents are constantly informed by Inter Campus on the project where the aim is to build an education path on and off the pitch with the vital help of the family.

In the notorious area of Tepito in Mexico City, Inter Campus stands by the side of Fundación Renacimiento which offers assistance and accommodation for youngsters without family or a roof over their heads, the so-called niños callejeros. In the nearby Federal State of Mexico which surrounds and merges into the capital are the tireless Marcelline Nuns and the Valle de Ecatepec University. The university has been collaborating with Inter Campus for over five years, making an artificial seven-a-side pitch available for the project twice a week. At the modern university facilities, a project is taking place to integrate ethnic minorities and economically disadvantaged children.

The programme during the visit is intense in the capital with the usual monitoring of activities and the course of the coaches led by Juri Monzani and Silvio Guareschi. The same delegation together with the Country Director Christian Valerio was received by the Italian Ambassador Luigi Maccotta. It was a formal but friendly meeting, creating great hopes for future shared initiatives. After getting to know the project, the Ambassador wore the Inter Campus shirt with pride.  

The visit continued to Queretaro always alongside the Marcelline Nuns where Inter Campus has two other projects with the aim of using football for social inclusion and the prevention of problematic behavior in youngsters. The two projects which have been active since 2003 see the involvement of 80 children each year in the outskirt areas of Unidad Nacional and Bolaños.


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