There was great participation from the local community during our second visit of the season to Managua

MANAGUA – The second visit of the season to Managua saw many faces. The smiling ones of Arquimides, Wilbert and Cesar, the local coaches who for some months now have been working alongside the new intake of new local stuff such as the new coach David. There are the two directors Giuditta and Ajax (Asociación CAIE and Association Nicaragua Joven), our partners with whom we've been discussing the project's progression and how to develop further. There are the faces of the local community, the curious journalists who are there daily at the pitches and the smiling faces of the parents in the stands as they watch their children in training from the stands. Finally, there are the emotional faces of the kids themselves who show great focus during the team games and joy when they take a cone from their opponents.
That 's how the courses from the local coaches and the games proposed by our coaches Gabriele Raspelli and Karla Gutierrez come together and bring all of the different aspects of the project together in the knowledge of how important is to participate actively in these days to bring the project to life.

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