Principal of the University of Glasgow and a big Inter fan, Professor Muscatelli's story encapsulates the spirt of Inter Club

GLASGOW - Sir Anton Muscatelli was born in Bari in 1962 and he’s been the Principal and Vice-Chancellor at the University of Glasgow since 2009. The university is regarded as one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Scotland and Great Britain. In recognition of his contributions to the fields of higher education and economics, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II at the Queen’s Birthday Honours ceremony that celebrates those who make outstanding cultural contributions to civil society. 

Sir Anton Muscatelli has always been a passionate Nerazzurri fan and his personal story also mirrors that of the spirit at Inter Club where the passion for Inter crosses borders and creates a sense of family in a multicultural environment in which many languages are spoken by members who are all brought together by the values represented by the Nerazzurri colours. After receiving honorary Inter Club membership, Sir Anton described his passion for Inter despite the distance from Milan. "Like most fans, I started to love Inter thanks to my family. My favourite uncle and other family members were already Inter fans before I was. Furthermore, I grew up in the late 1960s when Inter were winning in Europe so lots of children and young people started to like them. Among the players that I’ve loved the most, it’s impossible not to think of the heroes in the ‘Grande Inter’ side such as Giacinto Facchetti and Sandro Mazzola. There are also great centre-forwards such as Boninsegna and Altobelli who I saw score in the European Cup when I was still at university. What can you even say about Ronaldo? He was the most complete player that I ever saw." 

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