The Nerazzurri are involved in the VI National Congress focused on Caring for Newborns in Countries with Limited Resources

TRENTO - Taking place both today and tomorrow is the National Congress organised by ANT, the Associazione Neonatologia Trentina, which will include top experts in caring for newborns in Italy and developing countries across Asia. Hundreds of doctors from Nepal, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Timor-Lest and Burma will address the issue of healthcare in their own countries, paying particular attention to the smaller nations. This will be together with their local authorities, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Trento Council and many ambassadors. The aim is to highlight the international climate, as well the rights of children, whatever their age. 

Inter Campus was invited by SIN Secretary, (Società Italiana della Neonatologia) Dr. Michele Usuelli, to offer an additional perspective on the evolution that sees mothers, newborns and children all form part of one single community, during which everyone has a fundamental and active role. Health protection and basic hygiene standards are solid points to start from, helping sport become a facilitator for development, rather than just being a tool for proven scientific prevention. 

Our images were displayed on the walls of the Trento Congress, telling many different stories. 

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