Coinciding with International Women’s Day, vice-president of Inter Club Battipaglia, Angelica, tells us all about her passion for the Nerazzurri

MILAN - On this special day dedicated to women, the great Inter Club family would like to wish all the very best to members across the world, who passionately support the Nerazzurri on a daily basis. 
Angelica Chiaviello, vice-president of Inter Club Battipaglia, spoke to us about how her love for Inter began. 
How and when did you become an interista? 
My family have been Inter fans for generations. I am the second of two daughters and my life has always been dominated by the Nerazzurri colours. Initially and almost subconsciously, I went to matches with my father just to keep him company. Today he is now is amazed and incredibly proud of how I’ve cultivated this passion that he passed down to me.
Who has been your favourite player?
I have a real attachment to Javier Zanetti and many other players who, thanks to my father, I’ve had a chance to appreciate for many years. I was only young when Ronaldo joined Inter and they were the first few matches I watched and really appreciated. I remember my bedroom being full of posters of the Fenemeno and also contained a diary, which I kept together with my sister as we collected all the newspaper cuttings from those splendid years.
What is your most unforgettable match? 
Obviously, the Champions League final on May 22nd 2010, although, the most amazing and exciting memory for me is linked to my childhood. That is the 1998 UEFA Cup final against Lazio, which was the first trophy I saw us win, Zamorano, Zanetti, Ronaldo… That night really had everything.
How does it feel when you’re at San Siro?
Arriving at San Siro is like coming home. By magic, thousands of strangers all become friends, brothers. The strongest emotions are now felt by my members at Inter Club Battipaglia, of which I’m the vice-president. Their dreaming eyes, filled with tears of joy and wonder as they walk up those steps, not least when the Curva comes alive. Right there, on the terraces, is where I feel truly at home. Right there, is where I feel happy.
What does it mean for you to be an Inter Club member? 
For me, Inter Club is a great family. A container of rich emotions and human substance. Every day there is a new discovery within the world of Inter Club, a new challenge. A challenge that, together with our president and through great dedication, allows us to bring our Nerazzurri passion to the town. A lot of commitment is obviously needed, but we reap the rewards when we see the joy in the eyes of our members every day.”

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