Found in the Catalan capital, this Club owes its name to the 2010 Champions League semi-final match

Barcelona - "Mes que un Inter Club". The members of Inter Club La Remuntada BCN, who enthusiastically and passionately support the Nerazzurri  from the Catalan capital, could not have chosen a more fitting slogan.

The name of this Inter Club of course refers to the famous Remuntada, a word used in the Spanish press to describe a possible comeback by the Blaugrana in the return leg of the 2010 Champions League semi-final tie between Barcelona and Inter. But this never happened thanks to an heroic performance by Jose Mourinho’s Inter, a team which would go on to win the competition. The members of the Inter Club La Remuntada BCN come from different countries (Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Venezuela), thus confirming the Club’s #BrothersOfTheWorld status.

The Club’s president, Martino Pannofino, has this to say: "This Inter Club was born in our hearts on 28 April 2010, the evening when the unforgettable match between the Blaugrana and Inter took place here in Barcelona. Today, we are an official Inter Club. We want to continue to grow and become a point of reference for all Inter fans in the city."

You can also become part of the large Inter Club family!

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