A number of activities on and off the pitch for coaches, children and managers who are part of the Brazilian Academy. They were guests in Milan for a week


MILAN – The first internship dedicated to the coaches, children and managers at Inter Academy Rede Brazil has concluded with Javier Zanetti greeting those involved. Among the many activities carried out during the week, a lot of time was devoted to educational and cultural aspects, all the while respecting the philosophy behind the Inter Academy project: this project not only seeks to educate and develop coaches and players from a technical viewpoint, it also places emphasis on growth from a human perspective.

Included were guided city tours, meetings with schools and Nerazzurri Training Centres, lessons on fair play and many other aspects taken care of by the coaches on and off the pitch. Despite being an experimental undertaking, the project’s results are there for all to see. More than one school in the network, which currently includes 44 schools located in 16 different regions, has developed a model that involves not only training but also extracurricular activites to bring the educational path of the young athletes in line with the initiatives adopted by Brazil’s public school system.

The General Manager of Inter Academy Rede Brazil, Ricardo Manfrin has this to say: “We had the courage to bring about a unique project in a country with great football traditions, with this project focusing on providing comprehensive education for each child, both from a human perspective and as a potential athlete. Those who want to take part in this project have to be aware that we play football with the goal of promoting integration and having fun, all the while trying to involve the two fundamental elements that children of this age need to complete their development: school and family. Inter Academy makes an extraordinary contribution in terms of providing resources and professionals who are able to adapt themselves to the needs of individuals and the group while devoting considerable attention to ensuring comprehensive development. I’m sure this experience in Italy will leave a lasting impression on all our children, who now have many young Italian friends.”

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