The new season begins for Inter Campus Poland, with activities intensifying at a local special school

KRAKOW - A year has now passed since our visit to the Special School (Specjalny Orodek Szkolno-Wychowawczy) that started the first project for children with learning difficulties. Catering for a group of 13 children, they study at the school and also often live there. This is together with the teachers who act on behalf of the parents who cannot be present.

Out on the gym’s pitch where a session has been organised by local coaches Iza and Kashia, the children listen and follow instructions with keen focus and commitment.

The real fun then starts when Andrea and Davide get involved, Inter Campus coaches who conduct the session with great ease. They create smalls groups and give them simple rules to follow. It’s difficult not hear the words of Carlo Riva (the Director of the Associazione L’Abilità where all the Inter Campus staff complete an educational course), that insist on the “importance of giving as few rules as possible but ensuring that they’re carried out. It's fundamental for the children's self-esteem.”

The kids run, play, skip and do everything to enjoy themselves and encourage each other. This is the best part, witnessing so much spontaneity, vitality and determination.

The School’s Director, Anna, also present at pitchside, our contact and an amazing point of reference for the children. They are constantly seeking her approval, looking for a hug, photo or message of encouragement before then heading back out onto the pitch!

Our visit then continues at the Seborowice orphanage where the children are older. Jadwiga’s pitches attract children from the Sant’Edwige Parish, an area that has improved a lot over the past few years, but where Inter Campus always represents a great chance for bringing people together.

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