Food for everyone at the end of every training session

CARACAS – Two football training sessions are held every week, with three instructors dedicating their afternoons to coaching the children in the heart of the Petare slum. Then add the magic of receiving the Nerazzurri shirt every year and feeling part of a group by putting it on – everything is now set for a year of sport and education with Inter Campus.

However, one thing needs to be understood and taken into account: the social situation Venezuela has found itself in for quite some time. Children can often only eat once a day because food is expensive and difficult to get hold of. Therefore, as is often the case, Inter Campus has been making its own contribution to help mitigate this problem. Thanks to our local partners, we have been able to guarantee each child a warm meal at the end of every training session. More than 250 meals are being supplied every week, with the children having the opportunity to consume pasta, legumes and fruit and vegetables, things which are often missing from Venezuelans’ diets.

This is something which allows the children to feel a stronger connection to the pitch. It keeps them away from the streets and contributes to their development in a fundamental way. They also get to share and have fun under the guidance of our local instructors.

All the more reason not to miss a training session.

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