Featuring Ramiro Cordoba, an evening event was held to remember the Inter Club member who was tragically killed in the Genoa bridge collapse

RECCO - The idea came about just a few hours after the sad news of his passing. It was mid-August when the bridge in Genoa collapsed, claiming over 40 lives. Among them was Henry Diaz, a member and active figure in Inter Club Recco - Golfo Paradiso.

From that moment on, the leadership had no doubt that the club should be named in his honour for the dedication that he showed, his kind manner and the sense of positivity that distinguished him. Like in the past, his generosity played an important role in the organisation of many Nerazzurri events that were always characterised by their fun atmosphere and the attention paid to the members. 

What better opportunity to do so once more than eating all together as Henry loved to do, albeit in a more sombre mood than usual? That’s what happened. His closest friends were at the event along with a number of clubs from Liguria and the surrounding areas along with representatives of Inter: Henry’s Colombian compatriot Ivan Cordoba, Chief Operating Officer of Inter Campus Edoardo Caldara and Inter Club Manager Nicola Ranieri.




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