Celebrations were enjoyed together with the kids, staff and the local community


COCHABAMBA - In colourful and traditional garments, the Tinku dancers started the celebrations for our 10-year anniversary of Inter Campus Bolivia.

A total of 200 kids were out on the pitch in Cochabamba, together with their parents who provided food and drink for everyone.

There were also Municipality representatives present, who for a number of years have provided the artificial pitch for free. They were joined by the director of insurance company La Boliviana Ciacruz who’ve pledged their support by donating 70 health and injury policies to the children.

Looking at today’s splendid Nerazzurri activities fills us with pride. This is obviously the case for us, who believe strongly in the project, but also for Massimo and Veronica from the Fundación Casari. Every day they show their local commitment in offering these kids a better life.

The Fundación Casari and its CER (Recreational Education Centre) are located in Ticti Norte – one of the most fragile neighbourhoods in Cochabamba. For the kids, who often come from humble backgrounds and sometimes violent situations, the CER offers a place where they can have fun and study, while also being cared for and listened to.

Since 2008, as an additional tool of having fun and promoting inclusion, the kids can also play football thanks to a collaboration with Inter Campus.

10 years have now passed and thousands of kids have grown together at Inter Campus. At times, they’ve been so attached to the project that they’ve also stuck around as coaches. Examples include Junior, Ruiz and José, who join Victor, Elsa and Jamil in the making up the group of attentive and technical staff.

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