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BRAZIL - As a country slightly wider than Europe and split up into over 40 regions and cultures, this piece of land is packed full of varied stories and people. However, Brazil is still a united country, speaking one single language and passionately supporting just one team during the World Cup.

Yet, there are unsurprisingly many differences within this large piece of land, largely thanks to its legacy of a diverse past. In many areas, the abolition of slavery only took place a few generations ago and the ethnic distinctions have since accompanied societal differences for centuries. There are still disparities today, albeit in a climate of respect and coexistence.

The biggest favelas in the world border massive cities; villages next to skyscrapers; multi-national factories found next to small shops; people from different backgrounds united by their love of football, and also for over 20 years, the Nerazzurri colours.

Incidentally, it was in this country where Inter Campus was first launched in 1997, promoting development and educational assistance for thousands of Brazilian children. From Ceará to Rio de Janeiro, passing from Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte to São Paulo, the ball acting as a tool of individuals together and making a huge difference along the way.

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